Affordable housing is being developed everyday in Lucedale. Many people are now realizing that Lucedale is a great place to live and raise their children. With a very low crime rate, residents can feel comfortable knowing that a well trained police department and fully staffed fire department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for their protection. 


We hope that you’ll consider Lucedale while seeking the ideal retirement location. The quality of life, alone, makes Lucedale a community definitely worth considering for retirement. We understand that it’s very important to feel comfortable and to enjoy yourself when you retire. Lucedale offers this environment with clean, country living coupled will close proximity to the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL. Our location and amenities create an atmosphere of natural beauty and relaxation. We are a small city with a big town attitude.

Lucedale boasts the largest Greenway in any downtown area in the State of Mississippi. The Lucedale Greenway is composed of 30 acres of property and offers: bird watching, handicap trails, a children’s fishing pier and beautiful botany to enjoy. You can also stroll our scenic, 1100-foot elevated boardwalk.

Residents of Lucedale enjoy a rich spiritual life as well as a vibrant community life. Lucedale and George County offer church experiences across many religions and faiths. Chapters of civic clubs, such as Kiwanis, Rotary, and Garden Clubs, are just a few of the organizations enjoyed by our citizens. Lucedale offers a wide variety of shopping needs including a Super Wal-Mart, several chain grocery stores, five pharmacies, clothing and variety stores, beauty salons as well as specialty shops. Retail sales in Lucedale average $8,000,000 per year. 

Our moderate climate make activities such as swimming, skiing, golf, tennis, walking, fishing and hunting and other outdoor activities the perfect choice for year round outdoor fun. The climate also lends itself to the ideal environment for growing plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The County of George is known as the Wholesale Nursery Capital of Mississippi.

Festivals and activities abound in our area: The Gingham Tree Arts and Craft Festival, Nighttime Christmas Parade, Autumn Splendor and the 4th of July Firework Display, Farmers Market and many more!

The cost of living in Lucedale makes this area one of the most affordable for retirees. Utility cost, property taxes and housing are lower than the national average, as are food and other essential items. Although affordable, Lucedale has a complete selection of high-quality goods and services available to its residents. Our hospital is one of the best in the area. 

Taxes are low in our area and the Mississippi tax code allows you to exempt the first $6,000 of income per taxpayer from public and private pension fund. Social Security is completely exempt from state income taxes in Mississippi. Mississippi has a 7 percent sales tax rate, which is considerable lower than most states. 

Visit us and experience the beauty and charm of Lucedale. Feel free to call Lucedale City Hall at 601-947-2082 or the Chamber of Commerce at 601-947-2755 for more information on our fine City and County. If you come and visit us, we know that you’ll want to stay!