L.C. Hatcher Elementary School

L.T. Taylor Intermediate School

George County Middle School

Located within the City is L.C. Hatcher Elementary School which serves grades K-2, L. T. Taylor Intermediate School, grades 3- 6, George County Middle School, grades 7-8. Schools located within the County with close proximity to the City are: Rocky Creek Elementary School, Agricola Elementary School, Central Elementary School, and Benndale Elementary School which all serve grades K-5.

George County Middle School Website

George County High School

George County High School affords an excellent educational opportunity to students. Tech prep programs, distance learning and modern sports facilities are just some of the features of the school. Students wishing to further their education can attend the George County Occupational Training Center, an extension of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Located inside the City limits, this college offers a wide variety of educational programs. Lucedale is located within 60 miles or less of four universities and three colleges. 

George County High School Website